Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jillian Michael's Diet Drink

I discovered this drink on AOL from Jillian Michael's as a diet drink to loose excess bloat as it's a natural diuretic. I've been drinking this for a few weeks now, and have discovered another awesome effect of this all-natural tea -- it lowers my blood pressure! In fact, I've been able to significantly decrease my medicine dosage.

60 ounces distilled water (I just use water from my those natural minerals)
1 tbsp cranberry juice (100% juice, sugar-free)
1 dandelion root tea bag
2 tbsp lemon juice (I use fresh lemons)

Note: I sweeten mine with stevia to taste.

Brew dandelion root tea. Mix all ingredients. Serve warm or cold.

Jillian Michael's video on AOL.

Of course, please know I'm not a doctor and not giving advice. I'm simply relating something that has helped me, alone.


emily said...

so it actually works?
a lot of the time those kinds of drinks don't.

i'm you brew the tea in the cranberry/water/lemon juice mixture?

SP SIPAL said...

I can only tell you my experience. For me, it's worked well to both keep water weight down and lower my blood pressure (because of water retention, I'm sure.)

I brew the dandelion tea in plain water, then add the other into the brewed tea.

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