Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ephesus -- Efes

Welcome to Ephesus! The jewel city of Greek/Roman Turkey, and an absolutely fabulous place to visit. I've been here several times, and I still look forward to visiting any time I'm in the area. There's always something new to see as the city is immense and excavations continue.

Unfortunately during our recent visit, the temperature was well over 100F, and thus we didn't take the time to explore like I usually do. However, I did get to shoot a few pictures, and thought you might enjoy these.

Above is the Odeum. The advisory council of the city of Ephesus met here. It is a smaller theater than the grand theater, pictured below, and was covered. The Odeum seated 1500. I love climbing around the Odeum. It has a more intimate feel than the great theater.

Above is the famed Library of Celsus. This is one of the most famous views from Ephesus. The library has been partially reconstructed.

I couldn't decide which view of the theater I liked best (above and below), so I decided to include both of them. This theater held 24,000 spectators, the largest of its sort in Turkey. It was in this theater that St. Paul came into conflict with the citizens of Ephesus regarding their worship of Artemis.

The Harbor Street, running from the theater to the harbor, which is now silted up.

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