Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Turkish Women Making Gozleme

Above is a great picture of some Turkish women in village dress rolling out lavas to make gozleme for the tourists near Ephesus. Gozleme is a type of traditional fast food that is popular for lunch.

Gozleme is almost like a quesadilla, except it's made from lavas (a wheat flour dough rolled out into paper-thin circles) The lavas is then filled with any combination of several savory topping -- white cheese, spinach, parsley, ground beef and onions -- and baked on a griddle.

I'm including this here as a cultural note rather than a recipe, because gozleme as I've seen it is almost always made with white flour, and I avoid that. However, a healthier version of gozleme would be to use sprouted wheat tortillas, which you can find at may health food stores, and then fill with your own healthy toppings.

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