Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Spring is coming to North Carolina and with it my thoughts turn to springtime and summers along the coast in Turkey. So, I thought I'd share some beautiful, inspiring pictures with you.


Bodrum is my favorite city in Turkey, and someday we hope to have a vacation home there. Located where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, Bodrum is a lovely city of low-rise white-washed buildings, beautiful mountain-meets-sea vistas, and an eclectic menagerie of local Turks, artistic liberal Turks who have chosen to make their home here, and tourists from all over the world, especially western and northern Europe.

Home of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world -- the mausoleum -- one of the biggest site-seeing opportunities is the Crusader castle located in the center of the harbor. Many of the mausoleum's columns and building blocks were recycled into the building of the castle.


Bodrum provides an excellent central location from which to explore the abundant ruins dotting Turkey's ample Aegean and Mediterranean coastline. Within a few hours drive, you can view the tomb and church of St. Nicholas, explore the immense ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, or head inland to the wonderful natural thermal spas of Pamukkale. Or you can hop on a boat and cruise the Turkish Riviera, including many nearby Greek islands.


I know I sound like a travel agent, but I love this city. If you ever get a chance to go -- take me along and I'll be your tour guide! :-)

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